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REA JET was founded in 1982. The company is located in Germany. It has always been committed to designing and developing contact-free industrial coding and marking systems. All products of REA JET are 100% made in Germany. "Share the best precision technology with customers" has always been the belief of REA JET. REA JET has a very rigorous process and the quality is trustworthy by customers. Applied industries include metal, cement, paper, plastic, rubber, and food materials. Evermore introduces and provides integrated solutions for various industries. We have solution plan for each information labeling demands that makes us leader in this industry-leading technology.


REA RPS (Rubber Printing System) is mainly designed for rubber products. It is particularly suitable for raw rubber, treads and cord fabrics. The integrity of the rubber will not be damaged during the printing process. With an unique patented spray head, clients enjoy the advantages of high quality and low maintenance costs. Module replacement is also fast and user-friendly, which greatly reduces downtime and helps reduce costs effectively.


High-resolution inkjet printing uses HP printing technology. It has a rigid stainless steel casing, a rigorous printhead design, and a simple use method. It can print numbers, letters, QR codes, barcodes, logos and DataMatrix type signs. It is applied to the production tracking of serialized products, and can improve the security and traceability of products. The system is suitable for the packaging industry, paper, woods, foods and pharmaceuticals.


*Product supply is adjusted regionally. Please contact our sales consultant in case of any query.

Product Line

RPS (Rubber Printing System) 

HR (High Resolution Coding and Marking Systems)

Applied Industries

Rubber Tires, Footwear, Industrial Rubber

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