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Eco-friendly Personal Care Additives

Balance between beauty and marine ecology

Plastic microbeads are widely used in beauty and personal care products. Since 2015, they have been gradually banned from many countries throughout the world. Evermore understand the importance of environmental protection and product development, thus we provide environmentally friendly exfoliating materials. We are offering the best of both worlds solutions, balancing environmental issues with market needs.

The eco-friendly exfoliating material has porous structure. It would be crushed when external force is applied. The touch is mild and non-irritating. This material is easy to be removed during the water treatment process, and is listed as a nature-identical inorganic material that can be used in natural cosmetic formulations certified by NATRUE standard, and is compliant with natural and organic formulations certified by ECOCERT.

While facing the crisis of plastic pollution in the ocean, the market demands for matte care and exfoliate care products are still increasing. We can provide you with consulting services in product development stage. We assist our customers to accelerate product development time, under the challenge of market trends and consumer trends.

Cindy Wang
Sales Consultant
If you have any questions about the development and formulations of environmentally friendly personal care products, please contact our sales consultant.

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