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Conductive Agent for Lithium Battery

More electric power and last longer

Our lithium battery conductive agent product - Linite, is a multi-dimensional conductive material that connects the network of materials in multiple directions. You only have to add 0.05% to 0.1% of the amount to increase the capacity density of battery products; and meet 55-85 degrees Celsius high temperature storage.


In silicon carbon battery products, it can increase the cycle performance by 60%; reduce the sheet resistivity and improve the rate characteristic by 15% (2C rate). Also, we can provide customers varieties of formulations with different solid content battery products.

Linite could effectively solved the following problems, which customers often encountered during the development process of lithium battery products:

  1. During the charge and discharge process, the volume of Si / C, SiO / C anodes will expand and contract drastically, and resulting in a decrease in battery capacity.

  2. Si/C, Si/O new anode materials of Li-ion batteries have relatively poor electrical conductivity performance, there is an urgent need for new conductive agents. Linite could help improve their electrical conductivity performance.

  3. Linite enables lithium ions to pass more quickly from cathode material to the anode material.

  4. Combined with new adhesive materials such as PAA to maintain slurry stability and pole piece flexibility. Also it improves battery yield and maintain consistency.

Linite can help increase the energy density and pole pieces compaction density of battery products. It also reduces the amount of conductive agent and internal resistance. Linite has good thermal conductivity performance that allows the battery to control temperature during rapid charge and discharge process. Significantly improves the effect of fast charging required for 3C consumer electronic devices. Since Linite is a multi-dimensional conductive additives, it is suitable for various types of lithium battery cells, including : cylindrical, soft bag, square aluminum case and ultra-capacitor products. It is simple to operate during the manufacturing process, and it doesn't require significant alteration of the standard battery manufacturing process.


Linite can meet the requirements of international standard cycle life. It increases the value of step utilization to achieve the current trend of world energy conservation, sustainable and safe, that eventually increases the competitiveness of your products.

Eric Huang
Sales Consultant
If you have any questions about the development of lithium battery  please contact our sales consultant.

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