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APV Engineered Coatings

Since the 1990s, Akron APV, which is committed to providing green chemical products for the global tire industry, has continuously launched tire chemical products with eco-friendly patented technologies. Eco-friendly technologies use Go Green as the research and development direction, indicating that the tire manufacturing and retreading industry has realized green circular economy of tire manufacturing.


Evermore Trading Corp. mainly distributes APV Ink that applies to rubber tube and retread tires. In addition to various colors, strong adhesion and fast drying, it has been proven safe and harmless, and does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC/COV). Its eco-friendly concept has gained APV Ink trust and support from international corporation.

Product Line


Dot Markers



Protective Coatings

Repair Paint

Specialty Chemicals
Applied Industries

Rubber Tires, Footwear, Industrial Rubber

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