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ORION ENGINEERED CARBONS is one of the world's leading carbon black suppliers.


Evermore has introduced high-quality Fumed Carbon Black, Furnace Carbon Black and Specialty Carbon Black, which can tint and improve the performance of tires and rubber products. In particular, it helps tire manufacturers improve fuel economy, wet grip, and reduce noise to extend the life of the tire.


Carbon black is an important reinforcing filler for tire manufacturing and can affect a variety of properties, including :


  • Abrasion resistance (for example : Hardness, Abrasion resistance and Heat accumulation)

  • Process (for example : Dispersion, Mixing temperature and Viscosity)

  • Mold processing (for example : Expansion, Compression and Deformation of the Die head)

Product Line

ASTM Carbon Blacks

Thermal Blacks

High Fuel Efficiency Series

Acetylene Blacks

High-performance Blacks

Conductive Blacks

Specialty Chemicals
Applied Industries

Rubber Tires, Footwear, Industrial Rubber

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