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Barbe develops, produces and distributes high-quality processing aids for various industries. With industry-leading products, customized solutions and excellent service quality, Barbe has been a reliable partner to companies worldwide for over 65 years. All the products are manufactured in one of Barbe's three fully owned production facilities in Europe, North America and Asia. This allows Barbe to offer products at attractive pricing and to ensure reliable and fast delivery to customer's plants, which located in 42 countries throughout the globe.

Processing aids are essential for polymer producing and processing industries – for mixing, curing and other process steps.

Barbe offers intelligent product and process solutions in order to help you produce and process elastomers and other polymers cost efficiently and reliably.

We can provide you with BARBE’s PROMOL® series, which is well-known in the polymer industry. With following features, PROMOL® can be used as release agent in tires, shoes and rubber industry :

  • Can achieve anti-adhesive performance with low mixing concentration to reduce your total production cost.

  • Low foaming properties and can be operated at room temperature, makes it easy to process.

  • Eco-friendly, no drainage problem

Product Line


Applied Industries

Rubber Tires, Footwear, Industrial Rubber

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