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Roof cooling and heat resistance coating 

APV eCoolRoof- Cool roof nano heat-insulating coating system.
Ultimate Coolness, Energy-saving Sustainability.

Global warming forces people to use higher energy consumption for cooling, which leads to a vicious cycle of more energy consumption and exacerbates the severity of global warming. APV eCoolRoof is a direct and effective solution. It can reduce the temperature of the coated surface by 24.1 degrees Celsius, achieving a cooling effect of 43%. Through actual testing, it has been  found to reduce electric bills by 28% during the same period.

The APV eCoolRoof coating system from the United States is an insulation coating that complies with the specifications of the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC). It has multiple features including a high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI), low VOC emissions, inhibition of mold and algae growth, effective reduction of indoor temperature, and can replace roof insulation tiles, among others.

The Five key features of APV eCoolRoof are as follows: 

  • Extremely high solar reflectance

  • Effectively reducing energy consumption

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Easy construction process

  • Extending building lifespan


Applicable scope:

APV eCoolRoof can be applied to reinforced concrete structures, steel construction, warehouse, and container house. The coating system consists of one basecoat and one topcoat. Imported from the United Stat, the product can be used directly after opening without the need for any dilution with organic solvents. 

Example of Use:

Design Firm: Pingtung – H2[Box] Design Co.

Health Restaurant: Pingtung – MANGYOULIXIANG

Unique B&B: Xiao Liuqiu – Begin Inn

Shipping Container House Dealer:

Taipei – Wins Company, Taichung – Global Container, Nantou – Local Container Dealer, Kaohsiung – Three Servant Intermodal, Pingtung – Your Vision Homes.

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Chinyi YU
Sales Consultant
If you have any questions about the Roof cooling and heat resistance coating please contact our sales consultant.

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