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High Functional Paint and Coating

Conductive and Chromatic

Technology of polymer chemical industries has been advanced since World War II, which subsequently influence coating industry from decorative coloring to distinctive quality features. Appears in white dispersed powders or granules, silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide have been applied in coating industry for more than 40 years. Maintaining the gloss level control and other important properties, upgrowing demands of Silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide have made them fashionable players in industry.

The spherical and acicular forms of electro-conductive titanium dioxide possess optimal conductivity and strength, which may perform excellent stability on high moisture terms. Compared to other conductive materials, distinctive physical properties can display various toning options that eventually develop blue ocean business opportunities in toner, ultra-thin flooring, smart textile and automotive application.

Matting agents are untreated high performance fumed silica with nanosized original particle size. Not only high matting efficiency combined with high transparency, our unique properties are suitable for waterborne coatings, as well as any types of top coats. Improving flow behaviour and storage ability in powder coatings; tacking prevention, as well as matting improvement and tactility quality in PU/PVC artificial leather.

Jack Chen
Sales Consultant
If you have any questions about the development of functional paint and coating materials please contact our sales consultant.

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