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Manufacturing Process Improvement

Reduce the cost of rubber compounding.

Lower the defect rate.

Improve manufacturing efficiency.

In the rubber products manufacturing, the rubber compound is mixed through open mill or internal mixing and then made to sheet by cooling and forming process. When rubber sheet stacks, due to high viscosity of rubber and pressure effect, the rubber sheet will stick together and cannot be easily used in the next manufacturing process.


Therefore, after the rubber material is processed, soaking the antiadhesives is indispensable, and the isolation effect on the rubber sheet is very important.

If you have the following questions, please contact us immediately and let us provide the best solution to your problems:

  • Separation of the Antiadhesives in the configuration tank and immersion tank

  • Foaming

  • Dusty

  • Compressed air requirement

  • Dirty wheels in the cooling zone, difficult to clean equipment

  • Accumulated dirt contaminates the finished product

  • Poor isolation effect, the rubber sheets stick after long time storage

  • High cost from large amount of antiadhesives

Antiadhesives produced by BARBE have excellent anti-sticking effect, work at low concentration, convenient processing, and can evenly adhere to the surface of the elastomer. It reduces total cost due to small use amount.


Antiadhesives also help to improve the cleanliness of facilities and the surrounding environment with the features of non-foaming, capacity for cleaning dirty cooling roll, and reducing on-site work. There is also no need to use compressed air, therefore it can reduce electricity costs.

Evermore provides mixing solution to reduce the probability of product defective rate, improve the cleanliness of the factory, reduce the number of repetitive tasks, and improve overall efficiency. Hence, it could help you improve physical properties and reduce costs, improve processing performance, prevent rubber aging, shorten vulcanization time and reduce electricity and thermal energy costs.

Stanley Chen
Sales Consultant
If you have any questions about the manufacturing process improvement please contact our sales consultant.

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