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Impact-resistant Composite

Not only high strength and light weight but also increment of the design freedom

Composites industry continues to pursue high strength and light weight. Evermore introduces a new epoxy prepreg solution to reduce the type of material storage. Prepregs can cut into desired size that suitable for processes requiring high degree of freedom and also save labour time.The resin content in the fibre can accurately set by manufacturing. High fibre contents can be safely achieved. As a result, high quality product is produced.

Arovex ® is a next generation prepreg reinforced with dispersed nanomaterials. It is able to create a strong bonding between fibers and the epoxy resin, allowing energy to be transferred more efficiently through the resin to the fibers and to create a much longer path to fracture failure. Arovex ® features 26% tensile strength, 12% compressive module, 35% flexure module and 194% fracture toughness more than traditional composite materials. It can be used in aerospace, automotive, electrical, industrial, marine and sporting equipment industries to improve product strength and efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

The pursuit of high rigidity, high strength, and high design freedom is a challenge for composite materials. Evermore offers the best solutions to process, raw materials and additives, including prepreg- Arovex®, film adhesive-Aroply® and adhesive-ZNT-fuse®. We dedicate to enable our customers' products perform better.

Alfie Hsieh
Sales Consultant
If you have any questions about the impact-resistant composite materials please contact our sales consultant.

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