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Specialty Chemicals

Specialty chemicals is in rapid development with its diverse application. Evermore introduces the following products to help customers accelerate the research and development of products, solve environmental problems, improve manufacturing processes and enhance the impact resistance of materials.

Impact-resistant Composite

Assisting customers to improve product competitiveness and upgrade their product from industrial-grade to medical-grade. Our new nanocomposite product not only has the capacity of antibacterial, but also has the ability to antiviral. Effectively help increase product value. Our product is a long-acting material with simple processing method. It helps customers to enhance their brand, and get rid of the traditional level.

High Functional Paint and Coating

Small amounts of additional materials effectively increase electrical conductivity. This keeps the use of metallic materials to a minimum, while simultaneously gains more color selection, and eventually enhances competitive advantage

Rubber Additives

In terms of conventional gas-powered or electric vehicles, using rubber additives could help reduce tire rolling resistance, while also reducing fuel consumption, leading to improvement in long distances and high speed tire performance. Thanks to coupling agent-modified rubber achieving 10% reduction of tire rolling resistance, the wet grip property is also maintained.

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