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Rubber Additives

Reduction in tire rolling resistance, improvement of abrasion resistance, fuel saving, Developing 「Green Tire」

Rubber Industry is a branch of petrochemical industry. Natural rubber (NR) and synthetic rubber are major products. Tire manufacturing is main application of rubber industry. Nowadays,「Green Tire」is the development trend of tire industry, that is made by replacing carbon black with Silica/Silane have proven to have significantly lower rolling resistance, resulting in a reduction in fuel consumption and thus lower CO2 emissions, better abrasion resistance that performs ride comfort.

Evermore puts efforts in high performance environmental friendly tire development, and provide the clients rubber additives and solution plans. Combining high dispersion SiO2 with couple agent-modified rubber effectively achieve 10% reduction of tire rolling resistance and maintain the wet grip as well. In terms of conventional gas-powered or electric vehicles, our products could effectively help reduce tire rolling resistance, leading to improvement in long distances and high speed tire performances.

Evermore provides full or complete product lines, including SiO2, Coupling agent, Carbon Black, Stearic Acid, Surfactants, Anti-adhesive agents, Accelerators, Antioxidants, and Rubber Processing Additives. Products suppliers come from international brands, including Evonik, Orion, Shandong Sunsine, OUCC, BARBE. By providing attractive products with their powerful innovative strengths, we believe sticking to clients' need will eventually create win-win solution for all.

Stanley Chen
Sales Consultant
If you have any questions about the tire development and rubber manufacturing process please contact our sales consultant.

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